About CONTENTING | 10 September 2020

Contenting offers you a unique experience for anyone who wants quality content away from the clutter of digital.

After selecting your interests in Contenting, you can enable the algorithm to get to know you better by swiping the content suggestions presented to you to the right (like) and left (like) and clicking on the content that interests you.

  • • Breaking News: Contenting allows you to receive notifications of the most important developments, both domestically and abroad, in line with your choices.
  • • Artificial Intelligence: Contenting's artificial intelligence supported algorithm starts to develop in parallel with your behavior and content consumption habits within the application and offers you better recommendations after each use.
  • • Saves Time: The point of Contenting is that it offers a personalized experience thanks to its artificial intelligence-supported algorithm. In this way, it prevents the loss of time you spend on digital.
  • • Focused Consumption: Contenting recommends you a single content after each swipe. It asks you to focus on a single content on each screen and offers a controlled consumption of content. So you won't get lost in the endless streams and intricate content cards.
  • • Save: You can save the content you want to browse later. You can also easily access the content you like whenever you want.
  • • Quick Access: Provides the fastest access to Contenting content. You don't have to wait for a long time for the page to open.
  • • Personalized Streaming: Contenting soon gets to know you and offers only content that will interest you. After this minute, you will have a flawless flow that you will not find anywhere else.
  • Qualified Content: Contenting carefully selects the content producers it includes in its algorithm. It works with visionary, inspiring, new generation publishers that produce quality content.
  • • Easy to Use and Efficient: With Contenting's user-friendly interface, you can easily access the content that interests you. In addition, it keeps you away from negative effects such as waste of time, digital complexity, screen fatigue, and provides an efficient application experience.

“Let me have a content assistant too!” We welcome everyone who says so, to Contenting, which is completely free.