CONTENTING Terms Of Use | 10 October 2020

Hello, the best place to get personalized content We are honored to say that you have arrived. You are very interested We have prepared such a file for you, even though we know it will not. This “Terms” Contenting mobile app and all products connected to it applies to On what terms using Contenting to explain in a way that is free from legal terms we tried.

content; by copyright, trademark, patent and other laws is protected. Any Contenting trademark, logos, domain names or other distinctive brand Unauthorized use of features is prohibited.

Publicly available by contenting websites shared RSS Feeds (RDF Site Summary or Really Simple It broadcasts via Syndication). This is available to everyone A website link is obtained through RSS Feeds and users are they are displayed. Service only for legal purposes that you will use and violate the rights of third parties You undertake that you will not. which are part of these Terms Our Community Guidelines allow the service to be acceptable and unacceptable. contains more information on its use. Obscene, pornographic, gory, illegal, threatening or abusive, excessive incitement to violence or harm to self or others unacceptable, such as the publication or collection of offensive content. use will result in immediate closure of your account and in the future. may result in your access to services being blocked.

Contenting the content you produce on your own website You can deliver content to users. your own site You only have the right to create and publish content on you have. By publishing your content on Contenting to use your content as Contenting deems necessary. you allow. This permission also affects your content with Contenting. for its wider dissemination, distribution or reproduction. may involve promoting it with partner companies or services. web We do not pre-audit the content of the sites and/or you. In addition, Contenting may, for any reason, reserves the right to remove or suspend access. Contenting for content published on Contenting assumes no responsibility.

Contenting is also means that we do not own or control. links to websites, services, content and advertisements includes. As we have no obligation to support such things. We do not take any responsibility.

Security of your account and information associated with your account We take all our measures to ensure that We cannot guarantee that it will not exceed our security measures. if If you find any danger related to your account, please immediately Notify to us.

To report copyright violations, mail You can write to the address.

Contenting is an ongoing and ever-growing developmental stage. is the platform. For this reason, regularly in Contenting changes will occur. Therefore, from time to time Conditions may also be subject to revisions. of the privacy policy The most up-to-date version is always available at will be located at. Up-to-date at this address whenever you want You can access the terms of use. serious in terms Changes can also be made via mobile application or website. will be announced. As long as you continue to use Contenting have accepted changes or revisions to the terms you will be.

Contenting, to the fullest extent permitted by law; to Contenting access, use, inability to access or use and/or defamatory, offensive or contained in Contenting, including unlawful conduct. any third party behavior or content and/or any unauthorized access, use or use of your content. any indirect, accidental, special, consequential or punitive damages and data, use, reputation or other arising directly or indirectly from moral losses. does not take any responsibility, regardless of its arrival.

These Terms are the entire agreement between you and Contenting. forms. Any provision of these Terms is unenforceable the remaining provisions are in full force. will remain.

Your questions and feedback regarding the Terms of Use We will be glad to receive it. If you have suggestions for us Please contact us at share it.