CONTENTING Privacy Policy | 10 October 2020

Transparency, privacy and data protection by Contenting are some of the most important issues. Lean law below in a way that is fully understandable using terms We tried to explain our relevant policies and attitudes. This If you have any question marks on the subject, please read the whole text in detail. you can read. These policies and attitudes apply to Contenting's entire includes services, services and products.

There are several ways to access Contenting. If you wish, with Facebook, Google or Apple Login systems If you wish, you can become a member of Contenting via your phone number. and you can login. An account at Contenting You only need to provide us with your e-mail address and name to create Just report it. After logging in, you can easily You can change the information you provided before.

In addition to your personal information as Contenting, by the device provided; device, operating system, date and time you logged in, We keep information such as your IP address. However, the suggestion so that our system can give you the most accurate recommendations and use in your in-app usage so that it can enhance your experience. We record the transitions between the cards you make. content You can also send it to you via your e-mail address registered in the system. can send notification emails.

All content in Contenting is public domain. If you have complaints about these contents, you can directly By clicking report a problem on the application, you can send the problem to us. you can report.

Your content information; how and with whom to share with your permission and/or from states in case of legal requests and/or to provide you with better advice with the third-party software we use and/or their own assets. can be shared in case of sale.

During the time you have access to Contenting; your session create, learn when and how you log in, and Require us to remember certain information about your interaction with Contenting. cookies and HTML5 local storage features to provide we use At the same time, Contenting and its promotional partners how users see ads and link web sites in advertisements to allow them to learn what they have established. We use pointers. Your Contenting Advertising ID, your name or identification, without being linked to your e-mail address with promotional partners with the information removed can share. Some publishers or other partners we have partnerships with third-party services to track your internet activity cookies, web beacons or other technologies can use.

Contenting supports the data privacy rights of users. This Therefore, at any time, you can address delete the data it holds about you from Contenting. you can ask.

Contenting is an ongoing and ever-growing developmental stage. is the platform. For this reason, regularly in Contenting changes will occur. Therefore, from time to time Policy revisions may also occur. Security the most up-to-date version of its policy It will be located at You can access our current privacy policies at this address at any time. you can reach. Serious changes in policy mobile application or via the website. Contenting regarding this privacy policy as long as you continue to use you accept the changes or revisions.

Your questions about this privacy policy and We would be delighted to receive your feedback. For us If you have suggestions, please email Share it with us.