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New: Shorter Menus, and Project Tiles – The Family History Guide Blog

When you open The Family History Guide now, you'll see a few noteworthy differences: a shorter menu across the top (or left side for tablets and phones), and new Project Tile pages that give you a detailed look at an entire Project at once (these are described below). Let's take a look at the new changes in more detail ... Menu Changes For reference, here is the previous menu, with 14 drop-down entries: The new menu has 9 drop-downs: This provides a simpler look to the website, and it helps the drop-down menus fit better on tablets and smartphones. Here's a summary of the menu changes: The Learning Path menu items used to be FamilySearch, Ancestry, MyHeritage, and Findmypast. They have been replaced with a single dropdown that has links for each of the four items. What makes this work are the new Project tiles pages, described below. The Countries menu now appears right after the Learning Path. The Trainers menu now has fewer items, focusing on the new Class Outlines and essential training tools. The menus for the Vault, Online Tracker, and Misc. have been merged into a single Tools menu. Introducing Project Tiles Pages for Learning Paths The previous method to get to a Choice in The Family History Guide was to a) find a Project in a drop-down menu, b) find the Goal you want in the header area, and then c) select a Choice. Now the process is more streamlined. In the Learning Paths menu, select the platform you want (FamilySearch, Ancestry, etc.):             All the Goals and Choices for the first Project appear on the same page (you may need to scroll down):   Clicking a Choice link takes you directly to that Choice on the Goal page, without having to scroll down. The content on each Goal page remains the same as before, with the Open/Close feature available. You can change Projects, including switching to a different platform, by using the Projects list at the top:   Also note that the Trainers menu has been condensed somewhat, with options that focus more on the essentials. Of note, the Course Catalog will be retired soon, as the Class Outlines are now the preferred method for preparing classes and presentations with The Family History Guide. We hope you enjoy the new menu format in The Family History Guide, and that it helps your family history work become a bit easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable.