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1. Amazon River: Facts, Climate & Animals - Live Science This article provides an overview of the Amazon River and its surrounding ecosystem, including information on its climate, geography and animals. It also discusses some of the challenges facing the river and its inhabitants. 2. Amazon river dolphin population decline linked to overfishing - The Guardian This article discusses a study which found that the population of Amazon river dolphins has been in decline due to overfishing in the region. It also discusses the potential implications of this decline and the need for protection measures. 3. Amazon Rainforest Fires: Everything You Need to Know - National Geographic This article provides an overview of the recent wildfires in the Amazon rainforest, including information on the causes, impacts and global response. 4. The Amazon River: Inside the World’s Largest River System - National Geographic This article provides an in-depth look at the Amazon River, from its source in the Andes to its mouth in the Atlantic Ocean. It discusses the river’s history, geography and ecology. 5. How the Amazon River Changed the World - BBC This article discusses the impact the Amazon River has had on the global climate, economy, and biodiversity