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Anadolu Efes is a Turkish professional basketball team based in Istanbul, Turkey. Founded in 1976, Anadolu Efes has become one of the most successful teams in the Turkish Basketball Super League, winning the championship a record 15 times. The team has also competed in the EuroLeague, the top-tier European-wide competition, and has been a participant in the EuroLeague Final Four three times. The team is owned by the Anadolu Group and is part of the multi-sport Anadolu Club, which also includes football and volleyball teams. Anadolu Efes news, articles, and videos can be found across various media outlets, including the team's official website, www.anadoluefes.com.tr, which provides updates on team news, player profiles, upcoming matches, and more. Additionally, a variety of sports news sites, such as Eurosport, Basketball-Reference, and FIBA Europe, offer Anadolu Efes related news, articles, and videos.