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1. What We Know About Ancient Egypt's Mysterious 'Mummy' Jars This article looks at the mysterious mummy jars that have been found in Ancient Egypt. These jars, which were typically sealed with an inscription, have been found in tombs and other archaeological sites from Ancient Egypt. Scientists have been studying these jars in an attempt to learn more about the beliefs and practices of the Ancient Egyptians. The article discusses some of the theories that have been proposed about the jars, including the idea that they may have been used to store the organs of mummified bodies. It also looks at some of the different types of jars that have been discovered and their possible uses. 2. The Secrets of Ancient Egypt: How Technology is Unlocking the Mysteries This article looks at how modern technology is helping archaeologists to uncover the secrets of Ancient Egypt. It examines how different methods, such as 3D scanning and computer modelling, are being used to study the monuments, tombs and artifacts that have been discovered in the region. It also looks at how these technologies are enabling researchers to gain insights into the lives of the Ancient Egyptians, including their beliefs, practices and rituals. The article also discusses how this new technology is helping to preserve and protect the history