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1. Anne Frank's Diary: An Intimate History This article explores the history of Anne Frank's diary and its impact on the world. It looks at how the diary was first published, the controversy surrounding its publication and the legacy it left behind. It also discusses the importance of the diary for Holocaust remembrance and education. 2. Anne Frank's Legacy Lives On This article looks at the legacy of Anne Frank and her diary. It examines how her story continues to inspire people around the world and how her diary serves as a reminder of the Holocaust and the importance of standing up against intolerance and hatred. 3. Anne Frank's Voice Still Echoes This video looks at how Anne Frank's story continues to touch people around the world. It examines the impact of her diary and how it has become a symbol of hope and courage in the face of adversity. 4. Anne Frank's Words of Hope This article examines some of the quotes from Anne Frank's diary and explores how they can still bring hope and courage to people today. It also looks at how her words have been used to spread a message of love, compassion and acceptance. 5. A Reflection on Anne Frank This video discusses the life