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Antique News Antiques roadshow presenter Mark Hill: 'I've never seen anything like it' One of the BBC's most popular presenters, Mark Hill, has had a long and illustrious career in antiques, with his BBC series Antiques Roadshow being a particular highlight. The show has been running for over 40 years and has seen Hill visit some of the UK's most interesting and valuable antiques and collectible items. In an interview with the BBC, Hill said that he had seen some incredible pieces over the years, but that he had encountered something very special recently. Hill said that he had seen a unique vintage Japanese kimono that was thousands of years old, and that he'd never seen anything like it. He went on to say that it was a "remarkably well preserved" piece of clothing and that it was a "truly remarkable" item. He also said that it was a true testament to the skill of the makers of the garment, and that it was a "remarkable find". The kimono is now being appraised and is expected to fetch a very high price at auction. Articles 5 Tips to Help You Buy Antiques Antiques can