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1. Apple's App Store Privacy Labels are Live: Here's What You Need to Know Apple has officially rolled out App Store privacy labels, giving consumers a better idea of what data each app collects and how it's used. This article offers a look at the labels and explains what they mean. 2. Apple Launches App Store Small Business Program to Help Developers Apple has launched a new App Store Small Business Program to help small developers get the most out of their apps. The program offers lower commission fees for developers who make up to $1 million in proceeds from the App Store. 3. Apple Unveils App Store Subscriptions and In-App Purchases Apple has unveiled App Store Subscriptions and In-App Purchases, two new options for developers to monetize their apps. This article provides an overview of how these features work and how developers can get started. 4. Apple Launches App Store Connect to Simplify App Management Apple has launched App Store Connect, a new platform that makes it easier to manage apps and track their performance. The platform offers real-time analytics, user engagement tools, and more. 5. Video: How to Submit an App

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