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1. “NASA’s Hubble Telescope Sees Explosive Death of a Sun-Like Star” - This article from Space.com discusses the death of a star similar to our Sun, as seen by the Hubble Telescope. It details the observations made by the telescope and the implications of them for understanding the death of stars. 2. “An Introduction to the Night Sky” - This article from Sky & Telescope is a great resource for beginners interested in astronomy. It covers the basics of navigating the night sky and understanding constellations. 3. “The Basics of Astrophotography” - This article from Amateur Astronomer Magazine provides an in-depth look at the basics of astrophotography. It covers topics such as equipment, camera settings, and post-processing. 4. “NASA’s Juno Spacecraft Reveals Insights into Jupiter’s Stormy Atmosphere” - This article from NASA discusses the findings of the Juno spacecraft mission to Jupiter. It details the mission's discoveries and the implications they have for understanding the planet's atmosphere. 5. “The Benefits of Stargazing” - This article from National Geographic examines the benefits of