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Authoritarian Parenting: Pros and Cons Authoritarian parenting is a parenting style characterized by high expectations of conformity and obedience. It is sometimes referred to as “hard” parenting. Authoritarian parents are often strict and demanding, and they typically use punishment as a way of enforcing their rules. Pros 1. Structure: Authoritarian parenting provides children with a clear structure, with clear rules and expectations. This can help children feel safe and secure, knowing what is expected of them. 2. Discipline: By being strict and demanding, authoritarian parents can help instill discipline in their children. This can be beneficial if the child is prone to misbehaving or is often unruly. 3. Respect for Authority: In some cases, authoritarian parenting can help children learn to respect authority figures, such as teachers and police officers. Cons 1. Unhappiness: Children raised in an authoritarian environment may be prone to unhappiness and depression, as they may feel stifled and restricted. 2. Poor Self-Esteem: Authoritarian parenting can also lead to children developing poor self-esteem, as they may feel that they are constantly being judged and criticized. 3.