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The following news, articles and videos provide information about the bat, its species, and the benefits of bats to humans. News 10 Strange Facts About Bats This article from Live Science provides 10 strange facts about bats, from their incredible ability to navigate using echolocation to their impressive life spans. Bats Are the Secret to Making Better Robots This article from Wired looks at how scientists are using bat behavior to create better robots. The article looks at the research being done and the potential for robots to become more agile and efficient. Bat Species Found in India This article from the Indian Express provides information about the various species of bats found in India, including the Indian flying fox, the Indian false vampire bat, and the Indian pipistrelle. The article also discusses the various threats that these species face, such as habitat loss and habitat fragmentation. Articles The Benefits of Bats This article from All About Bats looks at the various benefits that bats provide to humans, such as pest control and seed dispersal. The article also looks at the importance of conserving bat populations, as well as ways to help protect them. What Do Bats Eat?