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- Breitbart Bears on the news 1. "Bear Breaks Into California Home, Leaves Without Taking Anything" - Breitbart, May 2020 2. "Grizzly Bears Are Making a Comeback in Yellowstone National Park" - National Geographic, June 2020 3. "Bear Invades California Town, Causes Panic" - The Guardian, July 2020 4. "Bear Sightings Increase in Alaska as Climate Change Warms the Region" - The New York Times, August 2020 5. "Bear Attack in Montana Leaves One Dead and Two Injured" - ABC News, September 2020 6. "Record Numbers of Black Bears Spotted in Colorado" - Denver Post, October 2020 7. "Bear Sightings Rise in Canadian Rockies" - CBC News, November 2020 8. "Bear Population Grows in California as Wildfires Destroy Habitat" - The Washington Post, December 2020