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Fall in Love with Mama Janis: The Friendly Tuxedo Cat Available for Adoption | Cuteavalanche 24/7 Foster Cat Cam

Mama Janis our foster cat and mother to the #KittyRockers Kitten Litter has moved to the Petsmart enclosures. She is available for adoption and can be met in person at the Petsmart in Canoga Park, California. She is a beautiful and friendly tuxedo cat, who had a hard start as she was abandoned by a previous owner on the streets of Los Angeles. We are looking for an awesome forever home for her. Mama Janis is a remarkable tuxedo cat that has had a hard start in life. Abandoned on the streets of Los Angeles, she had to fight for her survival each day until a Good Samaritan stepped in and rescued her. Since then, Mama Janis has been staying with us and was gracious enough to become the foster mother to the #KittyRockers Kitten Litter. Words cannot express the love and devotion Mama Janis has shown towards her Kitten Litter. She raised them with the utmost care, providing them with a comfortable and loving environment. She's always shown her compassionate and nurturing side, taking care of them each time they were in need. Mama Janis has also keenly passed on her friendly and affectionate nature to her Kitten Litter, making them comfortable around people. As it is with most fostering programs, Mama Janis has to move on to their next stage. We, therefore, had no choice but to send her to the Petsmart enclosures in Canoga Park, where she can meet any willing adopters. Though it broke our hearts to let her go, we believe this is what is best for Mama Janis. Mama Janis has adapted well to the Petsmart enclosures and gets along well with the other cats. She is an outgoing cat and loves people's company. She has lots of love and affection to offer to anyone that wants to share her life. We've come to realize that Mama Janis is not just a cat; she's a special cat that deserves all the love and attention in the world. Mama Janis is in search of a new furrever home and a loving family who will cherish her for the rest of her days. She's available for adoption at the Petsmart in Canoga Park, California. She is a beautiful and friendly tuxedo cat who will make an excellent addition to any home. How to Adopt Mama Janis at Petsmart in Canoga Park If you're interested in adopting Mama Janis, don't hesitate to go and meet her in person. And if you're not looking to adopt a cat at the moment, you can still help by sharing this post on social media. Together, we can find Mama Janis the perfect family that she deserves. Adoption Listing: https://kittenrescue.org/animals/janis/ KR Adoption Form: https://kittenrescue.org/adopt/cat-adoption-form/ Spayed/Neutered - Vaccinated - Dewormed - Treated for FleasTested for FeLV and FIV (cats and kittens only) - Microchipped   Photos by KellyNine Photography Petsmart Canoga Park PetSmart