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Bulyonism is a term used to describe the practice of identifying and celebrating the accomplishments of members of the Bulgarian diaspora. The term is derived from the Bulgarian word for “nation” or “homeland”, bulgariya. It is a movement that seeks to recognize the achievements of Bulgarian immigrants and their descendants, and to promote their contributions to the culture, economy, and society of their adopted countries. The term was coined by journalist and broadcaster Kiril Nikolov in 2008, in an article in the Bulgarian newspaper Trud. Since then, the concept of Bulyonism has become increasingly popular in Bulgaria and across the world. In recent years, Bulyonism has seen a resurgence of interest as more and more Bulgarians living abroad are looking to celebrate their heritage and recognize their contributions to the countries in which they live. Bulyonism events have been held in major cities around the world, including London, New York, and Toronto. These events are often attended by prominent Bulgarian politicians, celebrities, and business leaders. Bulyonism has also been embraced by the Bulgarian government, with the Ministry of Culture launching a Bulyonism campaign in 2019 to promote the achievements of