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1. 'Living Butterflies' Help Scientists Understand How Animals Respond To Climate Change This article from ScienceDaily discusses how researchers in the UK are using new technologies to study how butterflies respond to climate change. By implanting tiny electronic trackers into butterflies and studying their movements, the researchers are able to gain insight into how animals react to changes in the climate. The research could help scientists better understand how species are affected by global warming and other environmental changes. 2. Butterflies: Beauty and Fragility This video from the World Wildlife Fund discusses the beauty and fragility of butterflies. It discusses the importance of butterfly conservation and how human activities can damage the habitats of these delicate creatures. The video also highlights the need for more conservation initiatives to ensure that these stunning creatures can continue to thrive in their natural habitats. 3. Butterfly Conservation: How You Can Help This article from the National Wildlife Federation outlines some of the ways that individuals can take part in butterfly conservation. It suggests things such as planting native plants and flowers, avoiding the use of pesticides, and providing shelter and water sources for butterflies. It also explains the importance of conserving butterfly habitats and provides links to organizations and resources for those interested in getting involved.