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1. "Caesar: A Roman Empire-Inspired Strategy Game" This article from How-To Geek provides an overview of the classic game of Caesar, which was originally released in 1992. The article explains the basic mechanics of the game, the different factions available, and how to win. It also goes into detail about how the game can be modified for different levels of difficulty, as well as providing tips for new players. 2. "The History Behind Caesar and the Roman Empire" This article from Ancient History Encyclopedia provides a comprehensive overview of the life of Julius Caesar and the Roman Empire. It covers the political, social, and military aspects of the Roman Empire during his reign, as well as the impact of his military campaigns and reforms on the Roman Empire. 3. "Julius Caesar: The Man Behind the Legend" This video from the British Museum takes you through the life of Julius Caesar and the impact he had on the Roman Empire. It looks at his rise to power, the events of his life, and the legacy he left behind. 4. "Julius Caesar: A Revolutionary Leader From Ancient Rome" This article from The National Geographic looks at the life and legacy of Julius Caesar