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Canoe news articles can be found on various media sites, such as CNN, Fox News, The Guardian, and USA Today. Many of these sites have specific sections dedicated to canoeing, kayaking, and other water sports. These articles typically cover the latest news in canoeing, kayaking, and other water sports, such as new products, events, and athletes. Additionally, there are numerous websites that specialize in canoeing, kayaking, and other water sports-related news, such as Canoe & Kayak Magazine and Canoe & Kayak News. Videos on canoeing, kayaking, and other water sports can be found on YouTube and other video streaming sites. Many of these videos are instructional and provide tips on how to properly paddle, navigate rapids, and more. There are also videos of athletes performing stunts, such as whitewater kayaking, as well as videos of people canoeing and kayaking on scenic lakes and rivers. Additionally, there are videos of canoeing and kayaking races, such as the annual Yukon River Quest.