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1. Carbon Cycle: How Carbon Moves Through Nature This article explains the carbon cycle, which is the process by which carbon is transferred from the atmosphere, through plants and animals, and back into the atmosphere. The article explains how carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere through burning fossil fuels, how plants store carbon, and how carbon is released through respiration, decomposition, and burning. It also discusses how human activities such as deforestation and burning of fossil fuels can disrupt the cycle. 2. Scientists Uncover Key to Carbon Cycle This article discusses the findings of a recent study that has revealed the role that bacteria play in the carbon cycle. The study found that bacteria are able to move carbon from the ocean to the atmosphere, creating a “biogeochemical cycle” that helps regulate the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. The findings could help scientists better understand how the carbon cycle works and how human activities are affecting it. 3. Video: Carbon Cycle This video provides a visual explanation of the carbon cycle and how it works. It explains how carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere, how plants take it in, and how the carbon is recycled through respiration, decomposition, and