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1. Cat Behavior: Why Do Cats Do That? This article from Petful provides an informative answer to the question of why cats do the things they do. It covers different behavior topics such as why cats meow, why cats groom themselves, why cats knead, why cats rub against objects, why cats scratch furniture and much more. It also provides tips on how to manage unwanted cat behaviors. 2. Cat Nutrition: What Should I Feed My Cat? This article from PetMD covers the basics of cat nutrition and provides important tips for selecting the right food for your cat. It covers topics such as the importance of protein, why wet food is important, what to look for in a cat food label and the benefits of providing a variety of food. It also includes tips on how to transition your cat to a new food. 3. How to Groom Your Cat This article from the Humane Society of the United States explains the basics of cat grooming and why it's important. It covers topics such as how to brush your cat, how often to bathe your cat, how to trim your cat's nails and how to clean your cat's ears. It also includes tips on how to make grooming a positive