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Egyptian Pharaoh Cleopatra Commemorated with Stamps The Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has issued a set of commemorative stamps honoring the most famous female ruler of Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra VII. The set includes four stamps and a first-day cover featuring the image of the last Ptolemaic queen of Egypt. The stamps depict Cleopatra in four different styles, including a relief of the queen in a traditional Egyptian dress, a portrait in a royal Egyptian style, an image of Cleopatra in a Roman-style dress, and a painting of the queen with her son, Caesarion. The stamps were released to coincide with World Post Day and will be available for purchase at the Egyptian Post Office. The stamps are part of the “Egyptian Pharaohs” series, which honors the ancient rulers of Egypt. The series was launched in 2017 and has featured a variety of pharaohs, including Pharaoh Akhenaten, Queen Hatshepsut, and King Tutankhamun. The stamps are part of the Egyptian government’s efforts to promote and preserve the country’s historical legacy. The image of Cleopatra on the stamps is based on a bust