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Coin News Coin News is a monthly magazine published by Coin World Publications. It is the most widely read publication in the world devoted to coins and numismatics. Coin News features regular columns on coin collecting, auctions, coin market analysis, and new coin issues. The magazine also publishes the latest information about coin shows, coin clubs, and numismatic organizations. Coin News also contains articles about collecting coins from around the world, as well as coin collecting news from the United States, Canada, Britain, and Australia. Articles Coin collecting articles can provide information on the history and design of coins, as well as tips on how to assemble a coin collection. Articles can also provide advice on how to grade and store coins, as well as how to spot fakes and counterfeits. Articles can also provide information on coin shows and conventions, as well as advice on how to buy and sell coins. Videos Coin collecting videos can help new collectors learn the basics of the hobby. Videos can provide tutorials on coin identification, grading, and pricing. Videos can also cover topics such as cleaning coins, detecting counterfeits, and attending coin shows. Coin collecting videos can also provide viewers with an overview of the history and design of