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1. CNN: “Facebook to Ban Ads Targeting Users Based on Race, Ethnicity” 2. BBC: “YouTube to Take Down 'Hateful' Videos” 3. The New York Times: “Google to Stop Selling Ads Based on Race, Gender, or Age” 4. The Guardian: “Twitter Announces New Rules to Crack Down on Hate Speech” 5. The Washington Post: “Google and Facebook Unveil New Policies to Combat Discrimination in Ads” 6. CBS News: “Twitter to Ban Ads That Discriminate Based on Gender or Race” 7. Fox News: “Google, Facebook Ban Ads Targeted by Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation” 8. ABC News: “Facebook and Google Take Steps to Curb Discrimination in Advertising” 9. NBC News: “Twitter Bans Ads Targeting by Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation” 10. CNBC: “Facebook, Google Ban Ads Targeting Users by Race, Ethnicity”