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- May 05, 2020 Company News 1. Microsoft Announces Major Expansion in Redmond Campus: Microsoft has announced plans to expand its Redmond campus with a new 18-acre development. The new development will include two new buildings and a pedestrian bridge over SR 520. The project is expected to create 7,000 new jobs and bring in $2 billion in tax revenue to the city. 2. Amazon Launches Grocery Delivery Service: Amazon has launched a new grocery delivery service called Amazon Fresh. The service will offer delivery of fresh and frozen groceries in as little as one hour. Customers will be able to order from a range of items including produce, meat, dairy, and more. Articles 1. How Technology Is Changing The Way We Shop: This article discusses the ways in which technology is changing the way consumers shop. The article looks at the rise of online shopping, mobile payments, and artificial intelligence. It also examines the implications of this shift for traditional retailers. 2. The Impact Of Digital Transformation On Businesses: This article looks at the impact of digital transformation on businesses. It examines the role of technology in disrupting traditional business models and enabling new ones. The article also looks at the potential benefits and challenges