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Scanning the News for stories about Music Composition 1. “Why Music Composition Is a Creative Outlet That Will Never Go Out of Style” (April 2021, Forbes). This article explores the reasons why music composition continues to be a popular and creative outlet for people of all ages. The author explains how it can be used to express emotions, tell stories, and connect with people. They also discuss how it can be used to develop skills in technology, production, and marketing. 2. “The Future of Music Composition: How Technology Is Changing the Industry” (March 2021, The Guardian). This article looks at how technology is changing the music composition industry. It discusses the impact of AI, virtual reality, and other technologies on the creative process, as well as the opportunities they present for composers. It also examines the ethical considerations of using these technologies, and how they can be used to create new forms of music. 3. “The Art of Music Composition: Creating Music from Scratch” (February 2021, Digital Trends). This article looks at the art of music composition, from the fundamentals of melody and harmony to the more complex aspects of orchestration and composition. It provides