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Data Analysis News 1. Google to Invest $25M in AI-Focused Research Grants Google has announced it will invest $25 million in AI-focused research grants over the next five years. The grants will support the development of artificial intelligence technologies in a range of fields, including health care, climate change, and artificial intelligence for social good. Google said it will work with a range of universities, research institutes, and non-governmental organizations to identify and fund research projects. 2. Microsoft Announces AI for Health Initiative Microsoft has announced an AI for Health initiative, which will focus on using artificial intelligence to improve health care outcomes. The initiative will involve working with partners to develop AI-based solutions for challenges in the healthcare sector, such as improving patient care and reducing healthcare costs. Microsoft said it will provide grants and other resources to help partners develop and deploy AI-based solutions. 3. IBM Launches AI-Powered Drug Discovery Platform IBM has launched an AI-powered drug discovery platform. The platform, called IBM Drug Discovery Platform, uses AI and machine learning to identify potential drug targets and develop treatments for diseases. The platform is designed to speed up the process of drug discovery, which can often