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Below are a selection of articles, news items and videos relating to Decoration. Recent Articles Decorating With Color Color is one of the most important elements of decorating. It can be used to create a feeling of warmth and coziness, to add drama and depth to a room, or to make a statement in a room. Here are some tips for creating the perfect color palette for your home. 1. Start with the basics: Start with a few basic colors and then build from there. These basic colors can be neutral such as white, beige, or gray. Or they can be bold and vibrant such as red, yellow, or blue. Once you have chosen your basic colors, you can then add in accent colors to create contrast and interest. 2. Consider the mood: Colors can evoke different emotions and feelings. Think about the mood you want to create in the room and choose colors accordingly. For example, blues and greens can create a calming and tranquil atmosphere while bright and bold colors can create an energetic and exciting atmosphere. 3. Use a color wheel: A color wheel is a great tool for visualizing different color combinations. You can use it to see