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- ABC News An increasing number of people are visiting deserts to explore them, marvel at the beauty of the landscape, and experience the serenity of the environment. A recent ABC News article highlighted the trend of desert tourism, focusing on the popular destination of Joshua Tree National Park in California. The article discussed the park's offerings, such as its stunning rock formations, its unique Joshua trees, and its vast array of wildlife. It also highlighted the park's accessibility, with easy access from nearby cities like Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The article also discussed the impact of desert tourism on the environment, noting that the park is working to protect its fragile ecosystems from the influx of visitors. It also discussed the potential of the area for ecotourism, with a range of activities such as camping, hiking, and stargazing. The article concluded with a look at the ways in which desert tourism can benefit local communities, noting that it can create jobs and provide economic opportunities.