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E-Sports Awards is an annual awards ceremony that recognizes the achievements of professional e-sports players, teams, and organizations. Each year, the awards are given out in categories such as Player of the Year, Team of the Year, and Organization of the Year. Other categories include Best Newcomer, Most Improved Player, and Best Regional Team. For news and articles about the E-Sports Awards, there are a number of different outlets that cover the event. For example, ESPN, The Washington Post, Polygon, and Forbes all have dedicated sections for e-sports news and coverage. These outlets provide up-to-date information on the awards and the e-sports industry as a whole. In addition to these news outlets, there are also a number of YouTube channels and Twitch streams dedicated to e-sports coverage. These channels and streams provide live coverage of the awards and other events, as well as interviews with the winners. Finally, there are also websites such as HLTV.org and E-Sports Awards that provide in-depth coverage of the awards and the e-sports industry. These websites provide detailed analysis of the awards, as well as information on current events and news.