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E-sports organizations are organizations that are dedicated to the organization and promotion of competitive video gaming. These organizations are typically devoted to a particular game or games, and often host tournaments, leagues, and other events for players of those games. Many of these organizations also provide resources for players, such as coaching, team-building, and streaming services. In addition, some of the larger organizations also provide financial support for players and teams, and may even have their own competitive teams. The most well-known e-sports organizations include Major League Gaming (MLG), Electronic Sports League (ESL), and the Electronic Gaming Federation (EGF). These organizations are all heavily involved in the competitive gaming scene, regularly hosting major tournaments and providing resources to players. Other organizations, such as the Global Association of Online Gamers (GAOG), the International Gaming Federation (IGF), and the World Cyber Games (WCG), are also involved in the competitive gaming scene, though they are not as well-known as the larger organizations. News and articles about e-sports organizations can be found in many different places. Major news outlets such as ESPN, CNN, and the BBC often cover major events hosted by the larger organizations, while gaming-specific websites such as