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1. "The Ancient World of Egypt" - National Geographic This article explores the history and culture of ancient Egypt, providing a look into the lives of the people that lived in this great civilization. It also covers the pharaohs, the architecture, the mummies, and the legacy of this ancient society. 2. "How Ancient Egypt Changed the World" - History This article looks at the impact of ancient Egypt on the world, from its influence on art and architecture to its contributions to medicine and mathematics. It also examines how the culture of the ancient Egyptians still affects our lives today. 3. "Exploring the Wonders of Ancient Egypt" - Smithsonian Magazine This article explores the amazing monuments and artifacts of ancient Egypt, providing an in-depth look at how these pieces of the past were created and the stories they tell. It also looks at how the culture of ancient Egypt has changed the world. 4. "Lost Treasures of Ancient Egypt" - National Geographic This article takes a look at some of the most famous artifacts of ancient Egypt, from the Great Pyramids to the Valley of the Kings. It also explores the mysteries of these ancient artifacts, as well as their influence on the world today.