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Elephants are a popular topic in the news, with stories about their endangered status, the battle to save them from poachers, and the need for better conservation efforts. In addition to these stories, there are also articles about the unique behaviors and characteristics of elephants, such as their intelligence, their complex social interactions, and their reliance on their huge family groups. Videos of elephants in the wild, and in captivity, provide a unique perspective on these gentle giants. Here are some of the latest news stories, articles, and videos about elephants. 1. "The fight to save the world's elephants: How poaching, habitat loss and conflict threaten the species" - The Guardian 2. "Elephants Have a Complex Language That We May Never Understand" - National Geographic 3. "The Surprising Intelligence of Elephants" - BBC 4. "The Elephant Whisperer: A Conservationist's Life Among the African Elephants" - The New York Times 5. "Elephant Facts: 10 Things You Should Know" - WWF 6. "Video: Elephants Show Compassion Toward Injured Baby Elephant" - CBS News 7. "