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1. “7 Habits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs” – This article from Entrepreneur provides an overview of the key habits of successful entrepreneurs, such as setting goals, staying organized and networking. 2. “How to Start an Online Business” – This step-by-step guide from Entrepreneur outlines the process of starting an online business from the ground up, from market research to choosing a platform to building a website. 3. “The Future of Entrepreneurship” – This video from the World Economic Forum looks at the changing landscape of entrepreneurship and how technology is playing a role in its growth. 4. “10 Tips for Scaling Your Business” – This article from Entrepreneur provides practical advice on how to scale a business, from refining processes to gaining market share. 5. “5 Steps to Launching a Start-up” – This video from the Financial Times explains the steps to launching a start-up, from creating a business plan to securing funding.