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March 2021 BBC News: Equatorial Guinea's 'lost children' search for family This article discusses the plight of the 'lost children' of Equatorial Guinea, a group of children and young adults who were separated from their families during the country's civil war in the late 1990s. The article focuses on the efforts of the NGO Red Equatorial Guinea to reunite these children with their families. The article also highlights the difficulties faced by the organization in their attempt to reunite the children with their families, including the fact that many of the children do not even know their own surnames. The Guardian: Equatorial Guinea: the country that refuses to confront its past This article discusses the situation in Equatorial Guinea and the country's reluctance to confront its past. The article highlights the lack of political and economic progress in the country and the ongoing human rights abuses. It also examines the government's lack of will to address the issue of human rights abuses, despite international pressure. The article also highlights the lack of civil society organizations in the country and the limited access to justice for victims of human rights abuses.