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The European Central Bank (ECB) is the central bank of the European Union, which is responsible for the monetary policy of the Eurozone. The ECB is an independent institution, which works to ensure price stability in the Eurozone, and to promote economic growth and financial stability. The ECB sets the interest rates for the Eurozone, and is responsible for the issuance of the Euro currency. The ECB is headed by a President and is responsible to the European Parliament. The ECB also works in partnership with the national central banks of the Eurozone countries. The ECB has become increasingly influential in recent years, as it has had to take on a greater role in the management of the Eurozone crisis. The ECB publishes regular press releases and holds regular press conferences, to keep the media and public informed about its decisions and activities. The ECB also produces regular economic reports, which provide an overview of the Eurozone economy and monetary policy. The ECB also regularly produces videos and articles about the Eurozone economy and monetary policy. These videos and articles provide an insight into the work of the ECB, and can help to explain the decisions and actions of the ECB.