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1. "Brexit: Pound Falls to 30-Year Low Against Dollar" 2. "U.S. Dollar Falls to Lowest Level Since 2018 Against Euro" 3. "U.S. Dollar Hits New High Against Peso as Mexico's Economy Struggles" 4. "China's Currency Strengthens Against U.S. Dollar as Trade War Intensifies" 5. "Euro Slumps Against Chinese Yuan as Trade War Continues" 6. "Dollar Rises Against Japanese Yen on Strong Economic Data" 7. "Pound Jumps Against Dollar as Brexit Talks Resume" 8. "Australian Dollar Falls to Lowest Level in More Than a Decade Against U.S. Dollar" 9. "U.S. Dollar Rises Against Canadian Dollar on Improved Trade Outlook" 10. "U.S. Dollar Declines Against British Pound After Bank of England Meeting"