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1.  "New 'Street Fighter V' trailer shows off two new characters, Ed and Menat" - Polygon 2.  "Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition adds new characters, stages, and content" - Shacknews 3.  "Tekken 7's Geese Howard joins Street Fighter V" - Eurogamer 4.  "Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition gets a free trial on PS4 and PC" - The Verge 5.  "Evo Japan to feature Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, and more" - EventHubs 6.  "Capcom reveals new Street Fighter V character Kage the Terrible" - Kotaku 7.  "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate surpasses Street Fighter V in sales" - IGN 8.  "The Best Fighting Games of 2018" - USGamer 9.  "The Best Fighting Games You Can Play Right Now" - GamesRadar 10. "What You Need to Know About Street Fighter V" - GameSpot