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1. "The Power of Figurative Language: How To Make Your Writing Come Alive" This article by writer and editor Mary Jaksch explores how writers can use figurative language to bring their stories to life. Jaksch discusses the importance of using imagery and metaphors to create vivid, memorable scenes and characters. She also explains how to use figures of speech to emphasize a point or to add a touch of humor to a piece of writing. 2. "Figurative Language: What Is It and How Can I Use It?" This helpful guide from the University of Minnesota offers a comprehensive overview of figurative language. It explains the different types of figurative language and how to use them effectively in your writing. The guide also provides a list of examples of figurative language, so readers can get a better understanding of how it works. 3. "Figurative Language in Poetry" This TED-Ed video explains how poets use figurative language to create vivid images and emotions. The video explores the different types of figurative language and the ways poets use them to craft powerful poems. It also discusses how figurative language can bring a poem to life and help create an emotional