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Find the latest news and articles about artist Francisco de Goya. Browse through our selection of videos and explore the life and work of one of the most famous Spanish painters of all time. ARTICLES 1. Francisco de Goya: The Life and Legacy of the Spanish Painter This article takes a look at the life and legacy of Francisco de Goya, one of the most important Spanish painters of all time. It traces his career from his early days as an apprentice in Zaragoza to his rise to fame in Madrid and his later years in exile in France. The article also looks at his major works and their influence on the art world and on Spanish culture. 2. The Influence of Francisco de Goya on Modern Art This article explores the influence of Francisco de Goya on modern art. It looks at how his work has had a lasting impact on the development of art in the 19th and 20th centuries. It examines the key works that have been particularly influential and the ways in which Goya's techniques, themes and subject matter have been adopted by modern artists. 3. An Introduction to the Etchings of Francisco de Goya This article provides an introduction to