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1. US frictional unemployment rate at lowest level since 1969 The United States frictional unemployment rate, which measures the number of people who are unemployed because they are transitioning between jobs, has fallen to its lowest level since 1969. The 3.2 percent rate in August was the lowest since the Bureau of Labor Statistics began tracking the figure in 1948. The BLS reported that the number of people who were unemployed due to changes in their job search or job availability dropped to 1.1 million in August, down from 1.2 million in July. This is the lowest figure since January 1969 when the rate was 3.1 percent. 2. How technology is transforming the labor market and reducing frictional unemployment Technology is having a major impact on the labor market and reducing frictional unemployment, which is the temporary unemployment caused by people transitioning between jobs. Automation and digitalization are reducing the need for manual labor, and artificial intelligence and analytics are making it easier to find qualified workers who can fill specific roles. This is reducing the time it takes to find a job and, in turn, reducing the amount of time people spend unemployed. Additionally, technology is making it easier for employers to match job seekers with the right job opportunities, reducing the need to