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1. Qualcomm launches Qualcomm Ventures AI Fund: Qualcomm, a leading innovator in mobile technology, has launched a new venture capital fund focused on artificial intelligence (AI). The Qualcomm Ventures AI Fund will invest in early-stage startups in the AI space, with a focus on enabling new products and services to help consumers and businesses. The fund will focus on areas such as AI-enabled software and hardware, robots, autonomous vehicles, natural language processing, computer vision, and machine learning. 2. Microsoft acquires Xamarin to expand mobile app development capabilities: Microsoft has acquired Xamarin, a mobile app development platform that supports the development of applications across multiple platforms. The acquisition will enable Microsoft to deepen its engagement with developers and help them create innovative mobile experiences for their customers. Xamarin’s tools and services will be integrated into Microsoft’s existing cloud and mobile development offerings, including Visual Studio and Azure. 3. Google acquires DeepMind to accelerate AI development: Google has acquired DeepMind, a London-based artificial intelligence (AI) research firm. The acquisition will allow Google to further invest in AI research and development, and help it to develop more advanced AI-based products and services. DeepMind’s team of