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As a guitar teacher, I like to keep up with the latest news and updates about guitars and the guitar world. Here are some recent articles and videos about guitars that I have found interesting: 1. "The Evolution of the Guitar: From Ancient Acoustic to Modern Electric" - This article looks at the history of the guitar and how it has evolved over the years from an ancient acoustic instrument to the modern electric guitar. 2. "How to Choose the Right Guitar for You" - This video offers helpful tips on how to find the right guitar for your playing style and budget. 3. "5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Guitar" - This article provides tips on how to properly maintain and care for your guitar, such as cleaning and checking for signs of wear and tear. 4. "10 Tips on How to Play Guitar Better" - This video offers advice on how to improve your playing skills, such as learning scales and using the correct technique. 5. "The Different Types of Guitars and What They Are Used For" - This article explores the different types of guitars and the uses for each, such as electric, acoustic, and classical.