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1. Hippocrates Health Institute: What It Is, Benefits, and What to Expect The Hippocrates Health Institute is an internationally-renowned health and wellness center located in West Palm Beach, Florida. Founded in 1956 by Dr. Ann Wigmore, the institute focuses on alternative medicine, holistic health, and preventive care. The Hippocrates Health Institute offers a wide range of health and wellness programs, including educational programs, health retreats, dietary and lifestyle interventions, detoxification, and alternative treatments. The institute also offers a range of products, including organic food products, supplements, and health books. 2. The Benefits of Hippocrates Health Institute The Hippocrates Health Institute offers a variety of benefits to its guests, including an emphasis on natural healing and preventive healthcare. Guests of the institute are encouraged to adopt an overall healthy lifestyle, which includes proper nutrition, exercise, and stress management. The institute also offers a variety of natural treatments, such as yoga, meditation, massage, and hydrotherapy, as well as detoxification programs to help the body rid itself of toxins. Additionally, the institute offers educational programs that focus on topics such as nutrition and health. 3. Five Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle from Hippocrates