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1. "The History of Art: A Very Short Introduction" by Dana Arnold: This is an informative introduction to the history of art, with an overview of the major movements, styles, and influences. Arnold covers topics such as the Renaissance, Baroque, and modern art, as well as recent developments in contemporary art. 2. "The Art of Human Evolution: How We Became Modern" by Robin Osborne: This book looks at how human evolution has shaped the art of our species. Osborne examines evidence from archaeological sites, ancient artifacts, and contemporary art to trace the development of human creativity. 3. "The Art of the Renaissance" by Margaret D. Whiting: This book takes a comprehensive look at the art of the Renaissance period. Whiting discusses the major artists, movements, and trends of the time and how they shaped the Western art world. 4. "The History of Modern Art: A Short Introduction" by Robert Rosenblum: This book provides an overview of the history of modern art, from the early 19th century to the present day. Rosenblum examines the development of modern art and its influence on the wider world. 5. "The Story of Art" by Ernst Gombrich