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The Hockey News is an online publication dedicated to covering all aspects of hockey. The website offers a wide variety of news stories, opinion pieces, videos, and other resources on the sport. Hockey fans can find up-to-date information on their favorite teams, players, and leagues, as well as the latest news on the NHL, AHL, and other major hockey leagues. In addition to news, the website offers in-depth analysis of hockey-related topics such as the NHL draft, the annual NHL Entry Draft, and the World Junior Championships. The Hockey News also provides coverage of major international hockey tournaments, such as the Olympics, World Cup of Hockey, and IIHF World Championships. The website also includes a section dedicated to fantasy hockey, where users can read advice and analysis on fantasy hockey leagues and players. There is also a section devoted to the business side of hockey, where readers can find information on the latest NHL salary cap figures, player contracts, and NHL labor negotiations.