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1. Hoi An: Vietnam's Ancient Town This article explores the history and beauty of Hoi An, Vietnam. It takes a look at the city's architecture, culture, and cuisine, and provides information on what to do in the city. It also offers tips on how to plan a visit to Hoi An. 2. Hoi An Old Town: A Must-See in Vietnam This article outlines the attractions of Hoi An, Vietnam's ancient town. It covers the city's history and culture, and provides tips on what to do in Hoi An. It also includes information on transportation, accommodation, and the best time to visit. 3. Hoi An: A Food Lover's Paradise This article explains why Hoi An is a food lover's paradise. It takes a look at the city's diverse cuisine, featuring local dishes from all over Vietnam. It also offers tips on where to find the best restaurants in Hoi An. 4. What to Do in Hoi An This article covers all the must-see attractions in Hoi An, Vietnam. It provides information on the city's museums, galleries, temples, and other historical sites. It also outlines activities such as