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1. 'The World's Most Sustainable Hostel' is Officially Open The world's most sustainable hostel has just opened its doors in the heart of Copenhagen. The sustainable hostel was created by the world-renowned architect Bjarke Ingels, who designed the building using recycled materials and energy-saving technology. The hostel also boasts solar panels that generate enough energy to power the entire building, as well as a rooftop garden that provides fresh produce. The hostel provides guests with a unique experience, offering a variety of activities such as yoga classes and movie screenings. The hostel also hopes to support local businesses by offering discounts to guests when they purchase goods from nearby shops. 2. Hostels: An Affordable Way to See the World Hostels are becoming increasingly popular among travelers as an affordable way to explore the world. Hostels offer guests private or shared rooms at a fraction of the cost of hotels, making them an ideal choice for budget-conscious travelers. Plus, hostels provide a unique opportunity to meet new people from all around the world. Many hostels also offer additional services such as free Wi-Fi, bike rentals, and even free meals. With more hostels popping up across the globe, travelers now have