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Icarus Contradiction is an independent, non-profit organization based in Los Angeles, California. Founded in 2016, Icarus Contradiction is dedicated to creating a platform for trans and gender nonconforming voices through art, media, and activism. The organization seeks to create a safe and inclusive space for trans and gender nonconforming individuals to share their stories and amplify their voices. Through events, workshops, and online initiatives, Icarus Contradiction provides an opportunity to build community, foster collaboration, and celebrate identity. 1. “Icarus Contradiction Pushes for Inclusivity in the Arts” – Los Angeles Times 2. “Icarus Contradiction: Supporting Trans and Gender Nonconforming Voices Through Art” – Huffington Post 3. “Icarus Contradiction: Amplifying Trans and Gender Nonconforming Voices” – Out Magazine 4. “Icarus Contradiction: Giving Voice to the Marginalized” – Autostraddle 5. “Icarus Contradiction: Transforming Narratives Through Art” – Broadly 6. “Icar