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Abdülhamid is a popular topic in the Turkish media. Many newspapers, magazines, websites and television shows have dedicated a considerable amount of coverage to the life and reign of the Ottoman Sultan. News stories, articles and videos often focus on his legacy, the reforms he implemented, his relationship with European powers, and his role in the modernization of the Ottoman Empire. I. News 1. CNN – “The Real Story of Sultan Abdülhamid II” 2. The New York Times – “The Life of Sultan Abdülhamid II” 3. The Daily Sabah – “The Legacy of Sultan Abdülhamid II” 4. The Guardian – “The Abdülhamid II Years: How an Ottoman Sultan Changed the World” II. Articles 1. History Today – “Abdülhamid II: The Last Great Ottoman Sultan” 2. The Istanbul Review – “The Life and Legacy of Abdülhamid II” 3. BBC – “The Reforms of Abdülhamid II” 4. The Atlantic –